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Nothing would have spawned the creation of LIZONDO than necessity (the need to), inspiration, void in the beauty industry and the urge to conquer facial breakout which is so tiring and spring out the low self-esteem in a woman, after trying different products and still not getting that soft glam skin tone or ever baby face, I decided to dig deep to find result for all women going through the same challenge. Truth be told heavy make-up makes the face look old, shrink or even wrinkled.


Coming up with the YOUNG LOOK CREAM CONCEALER was the best thing ever because it does not demand much making up to enhance the true richness of any skin tone. The formulas used in creating all LIZONDO products ranging from the Young Look Cream Concealer, Eye shadow Palette, Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick and lots more, works for all skin types not neglecting universal shades as well.

Most importantly LIZONDO create make up to inspire the feel of lightweight and the love for make up to be layered never to feel pressure but fun with. LIZONDO is an online base cosmetics brand and it is cruelty free as you can see on our various online platforms. LIZONDO has no physical office only picks up offices spread all across the world. The pickup office in the United Kingdom heads every other place and only available on request for wholesale order above $5,000. Meanwhile you can contact Lizondo…… or send a direct message on Instagram to @lizondobeauty or @lizondoofficial. We are in partnership with @checkoutdesigners in Nigeria.